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1Sebastian Spada ('20) Scouting ProfileATL220142118.110823300.000.60
2Nick Durgin ('19) Scouting ProfileMCC751182137.1711564720.190.59
3James Mahoney ('19) Scouting ProfilePBP440043322.0111521400.320.86
4Jackson Taylor ('18) Scouting ProfileMCC340081121.1211120500.330.75
5Nick Celidonio ('19) Scouting ProfileVB91210153260.18331641320.350.73
6Karl Hartman ('21) Scouting ProfileRR4421142133.0721560840.420.70
7Eric Allen ('19) Scouting ProfileVH541052129.14212201650.480.95
8Braden Ostrander ('20) Scouting ProfileMB9810115454.117531581260.640.79
9Robert Treur ('0) Scouting ProfileSS422061031.01033313410.681.19
10Brock Chance ('19) Scouting ProfileSS203270020.11521914840.691.33
11Dylan Delucia ('19) Scouting ProfileNSB962092047.010621671170.890.68
12Trey Jackson ('20) Scouting ProfileEGC10600100044.19625562350.951.08
13Zach Bennett ('20) Scouting ProfileSCH972093146.11473558231.060.80
14Hunter Patteson ('19) Scouting ProfileVB9611121045.020734721441.091.07
15Will Carter ('19) Scouting ProfileRR9801134453.210931532121.170.97
16Eric Adler ('19) Scouting ProfileRR10710123157.01612321241931.470.89
17Brennan Keil ('0) Scouting ProfileSCH761081132.210715321911.501.04
18Jordan Ackerman ('20) Scouting ProfileSS623061030.212822472131.831.40
19Clayton Harris ('19) Scouting ProfileDW1302130030.213826351201.831.24
20Casey Swords ('20) Scouting ProfileVB631191026.0971832401.880.85
21Simon Bourett ('19) Scouting ProfilePBP733073040.124113928321.911.04
22Daniel O'Brien ('21) Scouting ProfileATL101040018.0751419501.941.06
23Joey Olivadoti ('20) Scouting ProfileSRS623060025.09720211011.961.20
24Garrett Wiles ('0) Scouting ProfileEGC0214160024.29712331921.991.26
25Tyler Madl ('20) Scouting ProfileVH1204140024.21272214901.991.26
26Logan Sheppard ('19) Scouting ProfileMB413181028.11192037942.221.02
27Ridge Skarbek ('20) Scouting ProfileMB760192134.1131126391162.241.08
28Michael O'Keefe ('21) Scouting ProfileEGC7510100037.2131328491452.421.12
29Jacob Moldren ('20) Scouting ProfileVH834090033.2201227222422.501.51
30Colby Velasquez ('0) Scouting ProfileEGC8430101036.0201434471552.721.36
31Hunter Neller ('19) Scouting ProfileDW8430101140.1211632452482.781.39
32Devin Hovsepian ('20) Scouting ProfileDW11450112249.1332149871912.981.38
33Bryan Rodriguez ('20) Scouting ProfileDW4321101138.1281859451103.291.83
34Gunnar Harrison ('20) Scouting ProfileFL954092041.1272049501753.391.60
35Lochlan Gray ('0) Scouting ProfileFL111190018.12092371243.441.91
36Christian Stubbendeck ('20) Scouting ProfileVH420071121.2161115201683.551.43
37Tanyr Towers ('0) Scouting ProfileNSB212061121.116111619983.611.17
38Tyler Shaw ('20) Scouting ProfilePRP651071037.2212031302593.721.49
39Ethan Huffman ('20) Scouting ProfileVH240070020.2131120211433.731.65
40Ramphis Carlo ('19) Scouting ProfilePRP532073028.1241633251353.951.62
41Kyle Fermin ('0) Scouting ProfileFL605070027.0301637161334.151.85
42Lukas Belcher ('20) Scouting ProfileFMM633091034.1242125482734.281.51
43Ryan Kinney ('19) Scouting ProfileFMM633080029.1312128313255.012.05
44Isaiah Schier ('21) Scouting ProfilePBP825093139.1373046581335.341.50
45William Moser ('20) Scouting ProfileVH7430110034.1282732322265.501.57
46Julian McKinley ('19) Scouting ProfileFL602080025.0222026311585.601.64
47Tyler Steinbaugh ('0) Scouting ProfileSCV412052019.2301722181056.051.63
48Logan Saltsman ('0) Scouting ProfileSCV405070018.23029351217610.882.79
49Ryan Cannon ('0) Scouting ProfileSCV1110100018.2333236199712.002.41
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