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1Jackson Taylor ('18) Scouting ProfileMCC230081119.2211321200.360.76
2Connor Justin ('18) Scouting ProfileMCC4403120028.1422134800.491.02
3Thomas Berry ('18) Scouting ProfileRR560060023.0421627800.611.04
4Logan Clayton ('18) Scouting ProfileNSB5411110032.13312411150.650.71
5Nick Celidonio ('19) Scouting ProfileVB1102110018.2321016120.750.59
6David Leuthje ('18) Scouting ProfileVB11610120055.010628951530.760.78
7Nick Durgin ('19) Scouting ProfileMCC9530123351.21063282910.810.79
8Hunter Patteson ('19) Scouting ProfileVB5811131140.29517541210.860.71
9Dylan Delucia ('19) Scouting ProfileNSB961091139.21152460640.880.76
10Carter Stewart ('18) Scouting ProfileEGC11640114461.2138261281830.910.71
11Eric Adler ('18) Scouting ProfileRR12920122162.015935972351.020.94
12Carter Slentz ('18) Scouting ProfileMCC3411110019.213312221211.071.22
13Alec Eldridge ('18) Scouting ProfileSS852193141.21172933811.180.89
14Noah Santiago ('18) Scouting ProfileHL322180023.116424291111.201.50
15Bryce Jones ('18) Scouting ProfilePRP541054133.0662734951.271.09
16Scott French ('18) Scouting ProfileMB432090022.08417221241.271.32
17Nick Pogue ('18) Scouting ProfileEGC422070027.11351356821.280.77
18Hunter Cooley ('18) Scouting ProfileVB11910135271.017134880801.280.79
19Mason Denaburg ('18) Scouting ProfileMIM851090037.18723721031.310.88
20Zack Kornick ('19) Scouting ProfileSS11730113162.1211240741581.350.88
21Chris Bennett ('18) Scouting ProfileSCH831091036.116730451711.351.29
22Will Carter ('19) Scouting ProfileRR3302130025.212521281211.361.29
23Ridge Skarbek ('20) Scouting ProfileMB7513142151.0131041461141.371.02
24Jordan Kaplan ('18) Scouting ProfileVH12810133358.2191348592881.551.30
25Braden Ostrander ('20) Scouting ProfileMCC10530122154.0241346342071.691.22
26Chad Lemke ('19) Scouting ProfileMB12740132153.12513436021121.711.20
27Brendan O'Shea ('18) Scouting ProfileSA9710103144.1191122722191.740.97
28Chance Fogel ('18) Scouting ProfileSRS7150100036.024935322191.751.56
29JJ Lorenz ('18) Scouting ProfileRR9635183260.0261548741651.751.07
30Isaiah Schier ('21) Scouting ProfilePBP10451123058.0251542872731.811.19
31Peyton Ricko ('20) Scouting ProfileFL551091023.07617241321.831.30
32Bryan Rodriguez ('20) Scouting ProfileDW4422141042.0191139241031.831.17
33Christian MacConnell ('18) Scouting ProfileBH533091026.017717531641.881.27
34Carson Spradlin ('20) Scouting ProfileFMM6230110033.014928231681.911.33
35Luke Myers ('18) Scouting ProfileFMM2232180040.0171120591451.930.85
36Ben Maman ('18) Scouting ProfileNSB0111120020.28613311012.031.11
37Sebastian Spada ('20) Scouting ProfileATL623182137.220113329822.041.09
38Alexie Shytle ('18) Scouting ProfileVH0321140020.1961218742.070.93
39Braydon Kennedy ('18) Scouting ProfileAWE8341141046.2311445481342.101.24
40Matt Gustin ('18) Scouting ProfileSA10520114252.2281631902552.131.06
41Zach Young ('18) Scouting ProfileSRS8170110035.2251130383492.161.79
42Kyle Robbins ('18) Scouting ProfileCBM10710103151.018164336802.201.00
43Jaydon Woodward ('19) Scouting ProfileAWE523080027.220931281122.281.52
44Nick Dicapua ('18) Scouting ProfileMB6440121138.22713284516112.351.14
45Brandon Neely ('21) Scouting ProfileTW9441110046.1231623772992.421.12
46Joey Balsam ('0) Scouting ProfileSCH4400120022.21082118342.471.06
47Lane Phillips ('18) Scouting ProfileTW4611122239.121144042712.491.19
48Collin Taubee ('18) Scouting ProfileMIM5440141140.0261537362422.631.53
49Chase Victor ('18) Scouting ProfileMIM10712162056.0322162612762.631.59
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